Reframing Mediumship: Connection and Communication through Conscious Resonance

In modern Western cultures mediumship has become a special skill limited to a few naturally gifted people. But mediumship as I define it has a much broader application. We are all mediums…

Am I Doing This Right? Unpacking Intuitive Perception

“Am I doing this right?”
“How do I know I’m not just making it all up?”
“Is this real?”

Any of that sound familiar? These questions are standard for many people beginning to use intuitive perception. They are good questions because discernment is important when accessing intuition, but when over-applied they can also get in the way of developing trust in your perception. I have witnessed many people going through this stage in the process of intuitive development, and I went through it when I first started training in spirit work. The following are tips for those struggling with intuitive perception.

Opening to the Spirit World: Safe & Sovereign

There are two general categories of people who want to learn about interfacing the spirit: those who are already open to it, and those who want to be more open to it. Each category has its challenges and benefits; and the two states can call for somewhat different approaches.

Lunatics, Idiots, and Charlatans: Bridging the Secular and the Spiritual

I was raised in a secular-intellectual environment firmly grounded in materialist reductionism: there is no world but the physical world and that which can be verified through research science.  Religion had no part in my upbringing, and spirituality even less.  Spirituality was the realm of lunatics, idiots, and charlatans; people who were either too crazy or stupid to be rational, or people who were intentionally trying to con the naive and gullible.

Imagine, then, what it was like as an adult to find myself going from the field of neuroscience into traditional Chinese medicine and then into spirit work.

The Spiritual Teacher – Student Relationship

A spiritual teacher is someone who serves as a guide along the path of your soul’s journey, providing information, methods, and modeling that help you realize your life dream.  They help you access and strengthen your connection to the source of your own soul and spirit.  Spiritual teachers come in different varieties, from well-known gurus to personal mentors.  There are some common misconceptions about spiritual teachers, and ways that we tend to give away our power to them.  Below are some guidelines and considerations to keep in mind when seeking or interacting with a spiritual teacher.