This program teaches foundational practices for working with spirits and imaginal space within a Norse framework. These practices include setting boundaries, focusing and cultivating intention, and working with your own energy body and field of consciousness for greater clarity, core strength, and sovereignty. As a participant in this course you will be introduced to ways of interacting with the Norse Powers directly, and exploring Norse cosmology and cosmography, through the staff journey and imaginal interfaces. Also included are recorded High Seat sittings for you to experience the Norse powers through that ritual of transmission mediumship. Because this course facilitates direct contact with some of the Norse powers, what it brings to you will be unique and relevant to your life at the time of engagement. Participants can revisit the journeys and High Seats to further deepen and develop their relationships with the Powers over time.

This course, or prior real-time iterations, is a prerequisite for the real-time Oracular Seiðr and the High Seat training and any extension courses offered on related areas of study.

As part of this course you will:

  • Work within an imaginal ritual space known as a Vé.
  • Learn methods for working with your energy body and strengthening personal boundaries.
  • Develop core strength with Thor.
  • Work with Heimdall as a Gatekeeper.
  • Work with Freya and the Dísarsalr (Hall of the Goddess) to cultivate personal sovereignty.
  • Learn the staff journey and journey to Yggdrasill, the Well of Origin, the Norns, and others.
  • Work with Odin and Loki for the expansion and flexibility of perspective.
  • Learn how to work in the imaginal realm through dimensional stacking.
  • Receive transmissions through High Seat sittings with the Powers.
  • Receive learning supplements and guidance for self-directed study.

This program emphasizes foundational animist principles of relationality and reciprocity. Norse mythology and cosmology will be approached from the perspective of a wisdom tradition that speaks to universal principles of soul and spirit. Videos will emphasize experiential processes, skill development, and current perceptions of these living powers. Historic information from early Germanic and medieval Norse times will be included mostly as supplemental reading options as the intent of the class is to be informed by the past while fostering current relationships and ritual practices that are of benefit to the Earth at this time. For more didactic content see the Language, Myth, and Magic course.

Participants should be in alignment with the ethics of this program:

We develop empowered partnerships with only the most compassionate aspects of spirit in service to the highest good of all sentient beings.

We do not use relationships with spirits or magical practices to infringe upon the boundaries and free will of others.

We maintain personal responsibility, free will, and sovereignty at all times.

We do the work of developing personal integrity and the authentic power that comes from alignment within ourselves and right-relationships with others.

This work is offered in the spirit of inclusiveness. Participants do not need to identify with any particular ancestral, cultural, or spiritual affiliation. While this class may be particularly appealing to those with Norse ancestry, it can also be relevant to people with other Germanic ancestry (English, Dutch, German), those who have a soul affinity for this content, those who are drawn to Norse mythology, cosmology, and history, and those who feel intuitively called to participate. Participants of all ancestral backgrounds are welcome. We are LGBTQ+ positive.

To register use the link below. The course is on my private on-line platform. *You cannot register through the Mighty Networks app on an iPhone. Register using a browser window instead.

Rate: $325

Cancellation Policy: You can contact me for a refund of $300 within two days if you have accessed less than two hours of content.

Questions? E-mail Maris at

I am so thankful to you Maris, and to your guides for holding such a safe and intentional container. This is very important to me and should be for all ritual and spiritual work. I am also grateful for all the time and effort you put into creating this course and making it accessible for all who are willing to engage and show up in a respectful and open way. I hope to attend more of your courses…

Getting in touch with Earth based practices and deities linked to my ancestors has been very powerful. I believe that understanding and engaging with Animist practices rooted in Northern European traditions is an important antidote to the cultural appropriation that is prevalent in the western world due to a lack of knowledge and connection with pre-Christian ways.

I really enjoyed the balance of didactic and experiential, and getting to know the compassionate Norse powers in a positively different and more approachable way than I had previously imagined. I feel more deeply connected to my Scandinavian and Germanic roots and will continue to foster those relationships post-class.

The class developed beautifully from historical source material through experiential personal relationship building.