Connecting to the Living Voice of the Animist World

Ancestral & Spirit Healing

Ritual Animism & Norse Seiðr

 Transformational Mediumship

Be Resourced by Your Wise and Well Ancestors

Ancestral lineage healing is a potent process of healing and vitalization for your ancestral lineages, and by extension yourself and your living family. This method draws on the power of the healthy ancestors to do the work of lineage healing so that you can be well resourced by your ancestors in support of your life path.

Learn Foundational Ritual Skills

Be further supported in making ancestral connections by developing foundational ritual skills in this on-line program. This program includes live classes in ritual skill development and group ancestral lineage healing sessions.

Explore Norse Animist Practices

Learn about animist practices developed from Northern European traditions of seers and wisdom keepers. In particular I offer training in the Norse/Germanic practice of seiðr and in Norse/Germanic animism as a framework for relating in the modern world. For an introduction to this material, the didactic series Language, Myth, and Magic is a great place to start.

This is an inclusive and diverse community open to people of all ancestries. Some people will be called through ancestry, some through soul-affinity, and some through general interest. We aim to foster healthy appreciation for all of our cultural roots so we can do better for ourselves, our communities, and the Earth. We are LGBTQ+ positive.

Learn Transformational Mediumship

Mediumship in this context is not about speaking with the deceased, but is rather a ritual technique for deepening our relationships with our other-than-human spirit kin of any type, realizing spirit affinities, and transforming personal consciousness.

Using the ritual technology of the mediumship circle, we will explore connection with only the most compassionate and beneficial aspects of spirit.

Participants will learn methods for maintaining boundaries, creating strong ritual containers, and self-care.

Receive Personal Healing Facilitation

Spirit Healing Sessions can include energy body clearings and readings, soul retrieval, power retrieval, curse unraveling, and compassionate depossession/psychopomp work.

Spirit healing sessions can be remote or in-person.