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Online Programs

Living Voice Medicine online programs are designed to approximate in-person ritual learning circles. To this end class sizes are small and require attendance and engagement. Most classes are real-time with Maris, though a self-paced recorded option is now available for the Language, Myth, and Magic course with more self-paced options planned for the future.

A self-paced video series available on demand.

Next Offered TBA

Next Offered TBA

Starting August 26, 2023

 Next offered TBA – Likely starting September 2024

Personal Healing Sessions

Work with Maris to clear energetic, ancestral, and karmic blocks, increase personal sovereignty, and connect more deeply to your True Self.

Private Online Ritual Community

A gathering place for ritual, shared experience, and education facilitated by Maris Bergrune. Community members will have access to ongoing class discussion groups, ritual events facilitated by Maris Bergrune, and special offerings for community members only. General membership is free.