General Info for New Clients – Welcome!

New Clients, or those coming back to my practice after more than a year, please submit the New Client QuestionnaireI will contact you after receiving your questionnaire and let you know if we can proceed with an appointment. Consultation sessions are an option if you would like to meet before scheduling an appointment. If you do not hear back from me within a week I may be on break or I may not have received your submission. Please email me at that point (after a week) to check.

You are a good fit for these sessions if you are self-responsible, invested in long-term growth, ready to grow in authentic power and agency, and do what is needed to get there. Spirit-mediated healing is exactly that – we take your concern, what you want help with, to the wise helping spirits, and they mediate on your behalf. There is no guarantee that any specific issue or symptom is going to be “fixed” by this work. Some issues are discrete or ripe and ready to change and resolve in short periods of time. Some issues are complex or more thematically ingrained in life experience, soul history, and ancestry and take longer to work through. Some issues impact us on several levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – and benefit from a multi-modal approach. Sometimes what is healing is a change of perspective rather than a change in the circumstances themselves. Persistence and commitment are key.

You must be in stable mental health and not in crisis to do these sessions. I don’t do urgent care, provide psychic boundaries, or help with psychic attack. The remote format works well for many but not all sessions, and me and my spirit team may not be the best fit for your circumstances. If I am unavailable or not a good fit for your work, or if I believe the remote format is not advisable, I will provide referrals to alternative practitioners whenever possible.

As this work goes deep and can require integration time, most appointments are spaced at a minimum of three to four week intervals. Appointments are done in real-time via Zoom. For those in the Southern Oregon area sometimes in-person sessions are available. Contact me directly to inquire about available in-person appointments.

I often recommend that clients consider engaging in the Ancestral Lineage Healing (ALH) process as developed by Daniel Foor, and/or some form of internal integration process like Internal Family System (IFS) therapy.  Some healing has to be done directly between you and your ancestors – for which ALH provides an effective system of engagement – and some healing has to be done directly between you and yourself – for which IFS provides an effective system of engagement. has a practitioner directory for private sessions as well as online classes. Go here for a directory of IFS practitioners: The book Self-Therapy by Jay Earley explains the IFS process and provides a guide for working with it on your own or with a peer.

If you have questions or issues using my scheduler feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Appointment and Financial Policy

Appointments are paid for at time of booking.  Rescheduling and appointment cancellation require 48 hour notice. No refunds will be issued for no-shows or late cancellations, and consultation deposits will be forfeit. Email me if there are extenuating circumstances.

Session rates are for the time slot reserved and are not for any particular outcome. There are no outcome-based refunds. Consultations are not diagnostic and do not give me all the information about what is happening for a potential client. If I find that it is not advisable to continue working together while in an appointment, or I do not have the particular skill set needed for your work, I will issue a partial refund based on what remains of your session time.

I do not offer lower rates or sliding scale for Spirit-Mediated Healing sessions beyond the discount of a 3-appointment package.

Be on-time for your appointment.  If you’re going to be late or having technical difficulties please send me an e-mail letting me know, otherwise I will assume you are a no-show after five minutes. Appointment duration will not be extended for a late start unless I am the one running late. If we’re having too much in the way of technical difficulties we can switch to a phone session.

Please install Zoom well in advance of your appointment. Your confirmation and reminder e-mails will give you the Zoom link for your appointment.

General hours (in Pacific Time):

Monday mornings and afternoons

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Some Saturdays

Hours and availability will vary depending on my teaching schedule.


If you would like to have a talk about these methods as they may apply to your specific experiences I offer free 20-minute consultations in which I answer questions and offer my recommendations for your healing process. Fill out the New Client Questionnaire in advance of your appointment so we can spend the time in discussion. Consultations do not include diagnostic assessments and are not mini-appointments.

These appointments are free but will require a $60 deposit that will be refunded after the session takes place. The deposit will not be refunded if the appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

If your intention changes and you no longer intend to start working with me, or you have booked with another practitioner, please cancel your consultation.

Keep scrolling down to schedule other appointment types…

Spirit-Mediated Healing and Guidance

Spirit-mediated healing sessions can involve soul-part/essence retrieval, mediated ancestral pattern and field healing, compassionate spirit relocation, pattern and curse unravelling, and energy system assessment and clearing. Clients bring their healing intention, the areas of life they want assistance with, places they feel stuck or blocked typically, and I look into the energetic terrain for information about the causes and contributing conditions in their ancestral field, personal energy body, and soul history. Then I bring resources from the healing spirits and imaginal realms to help re-condition and resolve places of disharmony and blockage, and support the client moving forward. You can find more information about this type of work by following this link.

Readings are consultations with wisdom guides. They highlight the energy dynamics of situations and help us navigate life from a place of authentic connection and purpose. They help us be informed about the dynamics of a situation so we can be more empowered to be at choice and enact meaningful change. The one-hour session option includes reading and light energy body clearing and sound work. The one-hour format is not a good fit when the work is deeper and more complex.

If you feel like your situation is particularly complex or could use extra support (when there is a lot of heavier, difficult energy, or you just want the additional bandwidth and support of another practitioner), I can often enlist the support of another practitioner to work in tandem with me in an appointment. These are typically 2-hour sessions.