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Maris (MARE-is) Bergrune is a ritual animist, spirit worker, oracular medium, and singer/musician. She specializes in seiðr, oracular mediumship, sound channeling, ancestral and soul healing, energy bind unraveling, and compassionate depossession work. Maris is a Certified Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner and a teacher of Compassionate Depossession developed by Betsy Bergstrom. Her known ancestors come from Switzerland, Germany, Holland, England, Wales, and Poland.

In college Maris studied neurobiology and was planning on becoming a college professor before life took a turn when she met her first spiritual teacher through a series of synchronicities in her 20s. Maris started exploring spirit-mediated healing through her own healing process, in particular seeking relief from long-term depression, and later discovered that she had a predilection and passion for the work herself. Many years of training, mentorship, personal healing, and practice development ensued.

Maris’ practice is characterized by the intention to partner with only the most wise and compassionate aspects of spirit to foster relational harmony between humankind, our ancestors, and our other-than-human kin. She helps clients and students develop healthy and sustainable relationships with the spirit world with an emphasis on boundaries, discernment, and self-sovereignty. Her healing practice supports the realization of soul-fullness, creative voice, and personal freedom. Maris’ approach is grounded and practical; these practices are not ways to bypass the challenges of humanity, but are rather ways to be deeply resourced when facing these challenges. Maris has been in practice since 2005.

Maris also has a background in neurobiology (MS) and acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine (MAcOM). In 2013 she co-founded Seattle Seiðr (2013 – 2017), an organization that offered training in seiðr practice and public ceremony. Maris has a self-published book of short stories called In the Beginning, and a book of poetry called A Song to Help Me Rise.

Gratitude to all of my teachers in spirit, wisdom, and life. 

Core shamanic healing and ritual training with Char Sundust

Basic and Advanced Compassionate Depossession and Teacher Training with Betsy Bergstrom

Basic and Advanced Curse Unravelling with Betsy Bergstrom

Norse Seiðr and Mediumship with Betsy Bergstrom

Ritual and dream-work with Sarah McLean Bicknell 

Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon

Certified Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner with Daniel Foor

Pending: Constellation Facilitation with Francesca Mason Boring 2024