Restoring Sovereignty, Clarity, Power, and Purpose

These sessions can include energy body clearings and readings, soul retrieval, power retrieval, curse/thoughtform unraveling, mediated ancestral healing, and compassionate depossession work. More on these methods below.

Spirit-mediated healing can be considered if you are experiencing:

  • Emotional states, depression, and/or anxiety which are persistent and largely unresponsive to treatment.
  • Persistent disruptive or dysfunctional patterns in relationships and/or life circumstances.
  • A persistent sense that something is missing from your life; a sense that an aspect of your essential nature has been lost or diminished.
  • Chronic health conditions and patterns of addiction, especially when there is a familial connection or an onset during unusual circumstances.
  • Known ancestral patterns that are influencing your personal life.
  • Trouble maintaining healthy energetic boundaries.

Clients can bring thematic life challenges to session. In that context we would be seeking to illuminate and clear the factors that are contributing to the challenges. With this approach ancestral patterns, soul history influences, and other contributing factors can be clarified and addressed.

You’re a good fit for these sessions if you are ready to advocate for your well-being, claim power within your life, and do what is needed to get there. This is a path of transformation with layers and stages of growth. Some issues are ripe and ready to change and resolve in short periods of time; some issues are complex or more ingrained and take longer to work through. Complex cases may require multiple appointments, sometimes within a short time frame. Persistence and commitment are key.

*This work is not for people who are experiencing unstable mental health conditions and/or who are in crisis.* Kindness to those who are, and I recommend working with someone with a background in psychological and trauma support. I am not a therapist, I am not trained in trauma support, and I do not provide that kind of therapeutic environment. Clients must be resilient and able to tend to their psychological needs before, during, and after sessions. For those who would benefit from concurrent trauma support I can provide referrals to practitioners who do both.

This work can be done in-person or remotely. Remote sessions work as well as in-person sessions for many clients, but are not the best fit for everyone or for every situation. If for any reason working together is not a good fit, I will provide referrals for alternate practitioners.

Soul and Elemental Retrieval

Sometimes in the course of life we can become dissociated from aspects of ourselves. This state is often called soul loss as those aspects of ourselves, parts of our soul, are felt to be missing from present life. Soul loss can result from physical or psychological trauma, accidents, surgeries, and drug and alcohol use. Imbalances in our lives can also result from deficiency or surplus of elemental energies: earth for stability and groundedness, air for flexibility and change, fire for joy and inspiration, water for ease and fluidity, and space for openness and expansiveness. Indications of soul and/or elemental loss include inability to access certain emotions, creative potential, authentic personal power, and states of being such as peace and inner stability. A retrieval brings healing to dissociated soul parts and reconnects them to the present. As the work integrates, the qualities the soul parts and elemental energies carry will become manifest in your life.

Stuck Pattern and Curse Unraveling

A curse or negative thought-form is a stuck energetic pattern that is having negative effects on your life. Curses and thought-forms can be intentional or unintentional (some patterns were not intended as curses but can still act as curses), and are often transmitted through ancestral lineages and soul histories. The unraveling process locates the source and intention of whatever is acting like a curse and dismantles it. Indications that energies like curses are in play include persistent “bad luck”, hitting a wall whenever you try to progress in a certain area, repeated family patterns, chronic ill health, and persistent stuckness that does not respond to other forms of intervention.

Power Retrieval

Power can be lost when we give it away, often unconsciously, to the past, other people, ideologies, and disempowering beliefs. Energy binds and contracts in either a person’s soul history or ancestry can also result in power drains. A power retrieval finds incidents of lost authentic power and restores it. Sometimes this process involves releasing the benefits of power supplied by external sources.

Mediated Ancestral Healing

Persistent negative patterns or issues we face in life can be ancestral in origin – passed down in lineages due to unresolved trauma and manifested as troubles in living family. Everyone has wise and well ancestors that can be called on to bring healing to ancestral troubles and support and resources to their living descendants. In this context Maris petitions the client’s well ancestors, with permission, on their behalf. This is not the Ancestral Lineage Healing process where the client interacts directly with their ancestors and works through the lineages systematically. This method targets specific areas of trouble that are impacting the client and relevant to their healing intentions in session.

Overshadowing and Psychopomp Work

The term “psychopomp” refers to the process whereby souls transition after death, or more generally to any process that involves the healing and relocation of a spirit, human or otherwise. In psychopomp work, if the soul of a deceased person or other form of spirit is detected in the field of a client, they are assisted by compassionate helping spirits to receive healing and be relocated to their true homes.

When spirits are affecting how a person feels, thinks, and/or acts, this is called overshadowing or possession. Overshadowing happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is incidental; many spirits are not aware that they are overshadowing. Sometimes it is the result of soul history or ancestral contacts with spirits. In this case the awareness of the spirit is an opportunity to resolve karmic and ancestral debt. It is normal, if usually undesirable, to experience overshadowing as our perceptual fields of consciousness do not always distinguish between our own thoughts and emotions and those of other beings in our vicinity. In cultures that do not recognize the existence of non-corporeal spirits, and that tend toward psychological frameworks for relating to personal experience, this can be an overlooked condition. But when overshadowing is a factor it can be dealt with directly and in many cases relatively easily. The compassionate depossession process helps the client and the spirit separate, receive healing and resolution when possible, and in the case of the spirit, return to their true home.

Energy Body Reading and Clearing

Often a healing session will start with this step to look into what’s happening currently in your field. A reading of this nature can locate places where you are losing energy, where there are energetic blocks, and where energetic boundaries can be fortified. This process can also lead to soul or power retrieval, curse unravelling, and compassionate depossession as indicated.