Meet Your Wise and Well Ancestors and Embody Your Ancestral Gifts

It’s no mistake that our ancestry is called our roots. When healthy, ancestral lines are a natural root system that supplies us with support and resources. When unhealthy, they can be the source of systemic issues including persistent dysfunctional life patterns, illness, addiction, and poor psychoemotional health. Ancestral lineage healing brings healing to not just a few of the ancestors, but to entire lineages, making them safe and beneficial resources.

Benefits of doing ancestral lineage healing can include:

  • Having the support of your well ancestors in creating your life path.
  • Having a greater sense of personal identity, purpose, and belonging.
  • A connection to spirit and the sacred that comes from your own ancestral roots.
  • The healing of ancestral and cultural wounds and the issues that arise from them.
  • Boundaries with the not-yet-well dead and differentiation from that energy.
  • Preparation for the death and ancestralization of you and your family.
  • The improvement of life conditions for you and your family.
  • Receiving healing and guidance from the well ancestors.

You don’t need to know anything about your ancestors or biological family to do this work. This work also doesn’t require contact or reconciliation with living family. 

For some, the prospect of taking on ancestral healing may seem like a daunting task. So it’s important to note some features of this particular process:

  • The establishment of healthy boundaries with the unwell dead is the first step. This step is reinforced throughout the process until the unwell dead have become well and are safe to contact freely.
  • Everyone has healthy, vibrant, and helpful ancestors, and it is these ancestors who do the work. It is not the job of the client to fix their lineages.
  • This is an experiential process. As working with the ancestors is new to many people, the relationship with them is something that will develop over time.

Please note that in these sessions, Maris facilitates but does not contact your ancestors for you. These sessions will foster your own ability to be in contact with your well ancestors. This means you will not be dependent on a practitioner for the guidance and connection of your well ancestors. You will also have a direct experience of their consciousness which can be the most enriching aspect of this work. As a practitioner, I can connect with your ancestors and tell you that they love you, but it is often a much more powerful experience to experience that love directly yourself.

For those who are new to, or have difficulty with intuitive perception, there can be an initial learning curve in developing that skill. As many of us have ancestral blocks to intuitive perception, doing this work can often affect change in that area. For some this will take time and it is your intention, rather than your intuitive experience, that will drive the process.

For those who want direct mediation through a practitioner, see Spirit Healing Sessions instead. A combination of approaches can be useful if you are having trouble making contact with your well ancestors or if your lineages are particularly unwell. Spirit Healing Sessions can then be added as needed.

The on-line class Foundational Ritual Skills and Ancestral Healing, is an additional resource for people new to intuitive perception and other ritual skills. The class provides training in ritual skills with concurrent group ancestral healing sessions.