Communication and Right-Relationship with Our Wise and Compassionate Spirit Kin

This course is an introduction to the principles and practice of oracular mediumship. Mediumship in this context is a ritual technique for deepening relationships with our other-than-human spirit kin of any type, discovering spirit affinities, and transforming personal consciousness through resonant attunements with the wise and compassionate spirits. The approach is animistic with an emphasis on relationality, reciprocity, and right-relationship.

Using the ritual technology of the group mediumship circle, we will explore connection with only the most compassionate and beneficial aspects of the tutelary and teaching spirits for this course. In connection with these compassionate powers, we will gather wisdom, perspective, and guidance as they initiate us into mediumship practice. Individual participants will have opportunities to receive private personal guidance and healing transmissions, and develop personal affinities with our spirit guests. Through mediumship practice we will explore themes such as personal sovereignty and authentic power, creativity and creative speech, and the relationship of humankind with the broader world. Participants will learn ritual methods for maintaining boundaries, creating strong ritual containers, moderating the degree and intensity of the connection, and self-care. We will not be embodying the spirits fully; this approach is one of consensual and conscious connection that maintains personal sovereignty and boundaries. For more on this form of mediumship read my article here.

Please note that this is not a training in how to facilitate ritual circles; participants will be able to use this ritual template for personal practice and for attending ritual circles.

Participants should be in alignment with the ethics of this program:

We develop empowered partnerships with only the most compassionate aspects of spirit in service to the highest good of all sentient beings.

We do not use relationships with spirits or magical practices to infringe upon the boundaries and free will of others.

We maintain personal responsibility, free will, and sovereignty at all times.

We do the work of developing personal integrity and the authentic power that comes from alignment within ourselves and right-relationships with others.

Prerequisites: Participants need to be self-responsible and in stable and reasonably good mental health. Participants should be able to maintain their personal boundaries while participating in a shared ritual field. Experience with intuitive perception and visioning/journey methods is useful but not required, though this is not a beginning course on intuitive perception. Those newer to this kind of perception may experience a growth edge in that area. Those who experience persistent intuitive blocks can consider preparatory or concurrent Spirit Healing Sessions to help clear and clarify their perceptual fields. Ancestral lineage healing work can also be useful to clear intuitive blocks that are part of ancestral patterns of inhibition.

Participants will need to be in a relatively quiet room and be able to remain present and focused during the group ritual circles.

Mediumship is not a gift limited to a few; it is a skill that can be learned and developed.

Mediumship practice helps us expand beyond the limits of human perception and assumption and be in direct communication with our other-than-human kin.

This course is ten weeks of fundamental material including training in energy body practices and the mediumship circle process, practice development, discussion, and attunement with different types of spirits. In the interest of developing group cohesion, and because the intention of each ritual circle develops the practice and practitioner in unique ways, participants are asked to miss no more than two classes. In order to ensure privacy for participants in a ritual setting, only recordings of introductory didactic content will be provided for missed sessions; whatever teachings happen within the ritual circles, and the ritual circles themselves will not be included in the shared recordings. Be prepared to take notes for anything you want to remember. Recordings will be for didactic content only and available for a limited time during the course. Recordings will not be download-able. Contact Maris if there are extenuating circumstances that would prevent you from missing more than two classes.

Course Times and Dates: TBA

This course is on-line using Zoom. Please install Zoom well in advance of the first class.

Rate: TBA

Course limit: 14 participants

Registration Deadline: TBA Registration will remain open until full. Payment is non-transferable and non-refundable after this date. If a minimum number of participants have not enrolled by this date the course may be cancelled and rescheduled. In this event, all payments made to that point will be refunded.