with Maris Bergrune and Larisa Noonan

When it comes to engaging Christian ancestors, the witchy among us can get snagged. Maybe even the mention of God or Jesus makes you reflexively cringe, eye-roll, or tune out entirely. Many of us have had to actively reject Christianity to free ourselves from the oppressive aspects of church doctrine and its enmeshment with patriarchal constructs.

But it is possible to find beauty, inspiration, and even magic in the threads of our ancestry that are Christian. And it is possible to have meaningful and uplifting personal relationships with the compassionate Christian powers independent of Church doctrine.

It is possible to find beauty, inspiration, and even magic in the threads of our ancestry that are Christian.

Maris and Larisa have blended their skill sets to create this five-class series designed to hold ritual space for the healing of ancestral Christian fundamentalism and our relationships with the Christian powers. Participants will be meeting the compassionate Christian powers Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Jesus as beings independent from Church narrative, and engaging layers of ancestral lineage healing with their assistance.

This course is for you if you:

  • Have fundamentalist Christian ancestors
  • Struggle with self criticism, judgmentalism, and doubt
  • Notice patterns of judgmentalism and dogmatism including black/white, good/evil, right/wrong thinking, within your family and yourself
  • Have difficulty trusting your intuitions and the messages you receive from spirit
  • Are curious about how the compassionate powers of Christianity can be a positive, beneficial force in your life and become allies for both personal and ancestral healing
  • Want to reclaim spiritual authority from patriarchal church constructs
  • Are interested in tuning into the resonance of mystical Christianity

Our vision is for you to:

  • Experience the Christian powers in their compassionate and helpful aspects, without the distortions of church constructs and generations of fundamentalist ideology
  • Bringing the healing powers of the Christian allies to your lineages and life in a supported ritual setting

Experience the compassionate powers as benevolent and compassionate healing allies

  • Have insight into the distinctions between the representations of these allies through the constructs of the church vs. their actual essences
  • Have opportunities to unravel/transform the threads of fundamentalism in your lineages at a deeper level
  • Weave in the blessings of mystical Christianity that is at the root of these fundamentalist threads
  • Experience deeper self-compassion and the expansion of the gifts of flexibility, personal spiritual authority, intuition, and greater connection with the animate world
  • Reinforce your ability to hold space for increased nuance and complexity within your relationship with self and others

Your Well Ancestors and the Compassionate Christian Powers work together to heal patterns of fundamentalism and restore the gifts of spiritual self-authority to you and your lineages.

Week 1 — Preparing the Path and Greeting the Christian Powers

In week one, you will resource deeply with your known ancestral guides and well ones and gain a deeper understanding via your guides of how Christian fundamentalism has impacted your lineages. Additionally, you will become more aware of what arises in you in relation to both the Christian powers and fundamentalism. Finally, you will engage in an initial (highly titrated and well resourced) greeting of the Christian powers: Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene.

Weeks 2-4 — Invoking Healing

Week 2-4 will proceed in a similar manner, each consisting of a circle invoking the most compassionate and benevolent aspects of one of the Christian powers for your direct engagement. Next, you will have the opportunity to experience a deeper layer of healing for your lineages with the assistance of the Christian power we are invoking that week.

Week 2: Reclaiming Feminine Oracular Power and Sovereignty (Spiritual Authority) with Mother Mary

Week 3: Judgement and Forgiveness; Control and Surrender (Sacrifice) with Jesus Christ

Week 4: The Path of Sacred Partnership and the Dissolution of the Binary with Mary Magdalene

Note: what specific themes are addressed from the above will depend on what is being activated specifically in the group.

Week 5: Harmonization and Integration

In our final week together, you will engage a process that will allow the Christian powers to more fully harmonize within your lineages and within your body and life (if you so desire). We will conclude this series through inquiring into the gifts of the mystical Christian path and how these blessings can be more fully rooted (again, if desired) into your lived experience.

Prerequisites: (1) Two or more lineages complete via Daniel Foor’s Ancestral Lineage Healing method. (2) Verification from your ancestral guides that this course would be beneficial for you and the lineage healing process at this time. If you meet the second requirement but not the first, e-mail Larisa and Maris with a description of where you are at in the process.

Starting: TBA

Registration Deadline: No longer taking registrations – Sign up for my newsletter (right sidebar) to get the announcement for the next offering.

Class limit: 12

Rate: $375 (as this is the first time this class will be offered the rate is lower than it will be for future iterations)

Dates and Times:

November 9, 16, 30, December 7, 14 (no class Nov 23rd)

From 10:00am – 12:30pm PT

Classes will be on-line using Zoom. Please install Zoom well in advance of the first class. Recordings will be provided for missed classes.

Larisa Noonan has specialized for nearly two decades in trauma healing, embodiment skills, and supporting healthy boundaries. She is a certified practitioner in ancestral lineage healing and weaves ritual and nature reconnection into all of her offerings. She is passionate about facilitating recovery from religious fundamentalism, tending grief, and supporting those with chronic pain/illness. Larisa lives with her husband and son in Oregon on the ancestral homelands of the Kalapuyan peoples. Her ancestors are from France, the Netherlands via Ukraine, Germany, and Switzerland. She grounds her work/life in earth-honoring ritual, embodying ancestral gifts, and reclaiming animist values. For more info see: www.larisanoonan.com

Maris Bergrune, MS, M.Ac.O.M. (Grants Pass, OR) is a practitioner of seiðr, oracular medium, and singer-musician. She helps people become deeply well with their ancestors and access Northern European wisdom traditions and transformational ritual. She specializes in templates of Old Norse animist practices in order to build community and bring healing to the modern world. Maris has been engaged in healing ritual and spirit-work for over fifteen years, and teaches consent-based spirit practices that maintain sovereignty, healthy boundaries, and personal integrity. Her ancestors are primarily from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, Wales, and Poland. For more info see: livingvoicemedicine.com.