Transformational Mediumship Circles

Prerequisites: The Transformational Mediumship training course, or mediumship training with Betsy Bergstrom.

Mediumship circles give participants the opportunity to visit in-depth with the powers of select groups of spirits, develop spirit affinities, and learn more about how we relate to the spirit world. These are also opportunities for us to further develop our mediumship skills and explore working with different imaginal constructs and virtual regalia.

We will be visiting with only the most compassionate aspects of the spirits in the interest of developing wisdom, perspective, and engaging the cosmic dynamic of reciprocity between the realms. Each category can involve deity figures or elder beings, animal spirits, plant spirits, magical/mythical beings, and cosmic beings and places as they relate to the focal topic.

The descriptions of each intensive below reflect possible guests. I will sometimes also gather input from participants about who you are particularly interested in meeting and what areas of inquiry are of interest. As usual, to allow the ritual space to go beyond what I know or can plan the spirits will be determining the final rosters.

Registration: The registration deadline for each intensive is a week before each scheduled date. Payments are non-refundable or transferable after each deadline.

Winter Solstice and Compassionate Christian Powers

November 30 – December 21

Wednesdays from 3:00pm – 5:00pm PT

We know them, but do we know them? Who are these beings that have become so prominent around the world? In particular who are they independent of the religious constructs that have come to partially define them? In this circle we will meet with several of the prominent spiritual figures of Christianity in the interest of getting to know them as “people” in the animist sense rather than as religious constructs.

As this series will end on the Winter Solstice we will spend that sitting with spirit guests related to the solstice. Possibilities include Bone Mother, Hesykhia (Goddess of Blessed Silence), Hulda.

Rate: $150


Elements and Elementals

Next offered TBA

Working with the elements can have harmonizing and healing effects on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. An elemental framework is also useful in developing mediumship practice, as each element contributes to an aspect of mediumistic perception. In this circle we will be working with earth, air, fire, water, and space as primordial energies of wisdom to deepen our understanding of how they function in our lives and mediumship practice. We will be working with the elements in goddess form, and with highly elemental beings such as dragons, djinn, trolls, and nagas. All of our spirit guests are in their most wise and compassionate aspects. This series has the potential to bring transformation and healing through retrieval and harmonization of our own elemental qualities, as well as deepen our relationships with these elemental People.

Rate: $210

Circle Limit: 14 Participants

Registration Deadline: TBA. If a minimum registration number is not met by this date the class may be rescheduled. Payment is non-refundable or transferable after this date.

Be prepared to take notes for anything you want to remember. Recordings will be for didactic content only and available for a limited time during the course. Recordings will not be download-able.


Wisdom of the Plant People

Next offered TBA

Trees, wildflowers, medicinal plants…We live among the plant people, we eat them as food. What would they like to share with us about who they are? How can we better relate to them from a place of reciprocity and integrity? And what medicine might they offer us as a group and as individuals?

This course opened my eyes to my potential to re-engage with the wise and compassionate aspects of Christianity. More importantly, it made me realize that, by vilifying Christianity (and all of its symbols and representatives), I had cut myself off from a rich and revolutionary branch in the stream of ancient wisdom. 
As is always the case with anything that Maris facilitates, this course is non-dogmatic and experiential in nature. Each participant has total freedom to take what they like and leave the rest. I heartily recommend it to anyone hoping to expand their understanding of ancient and universal wisdom, and to begin to heal their own “Christian wounds”.

This class is great for those of us who are ‘decidedly not Christian’ but have grown up within the indoctrination of the dominant religion of Christianity. Meeting the “Christian powers” on their own terms and in their own voices, outside of the projections of the patriarchal structures this religion now is, opens up a pantheon of deities that are surprising fascinating, and brings to light the amazingly powerful spirit allies and helpers we can connect with directly.  This class is also a wonderful reconciliation for those of us who have Christian ancestors, especially when when doing any ancestral lineage repair work, both as clients and as practitioners. Maris is a gifted and generous teacher and holder of space, and I would recommend this class …even if you, like me, do major eye rolls at the mention of JC and anything ‘Christian’.

The Norse Powers

Next Offering TBA

Meet powers from Norse cosmology and mythology. Guest can include only the most wise and compassionate aspects of deities from the Aesir and Vanir groups, beings such as Jotun, Norns, and Valkyries, animal spirits like Raven and Wolf, and cosmic places like the Wells of Origin and Memory and Yggdrasill.