Community Agreements

Thank you for cooperating with these agreements. They are designed to maximize the extent to which participants can grow and bring themselves forward in community. The principles and agreements for community interactions are as follows:

1. Treat other participants with civility and kindness.

2. Stay self-reflective and not other-focused.

3. Don’t give unsolicited feedback or advice.

4. Be responsible for your personal needs and get additional support outside of class when needed.

5. Maintain confidentiality and do not speak about other people’s experiences outside of class.

6. Be on-time and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

7. We respect and welcome diversity. All classes are LGBTQ+ positive and for people of diverse backgrounds.

8. If I find that anyone is having trouble keeping these agreements I will request a meeting outside of class to discuss what is happening. I reserve the right to revoke participation at any point if I determine that 1. A participant’s personal needs are not a good match for this format, or 2. A participant is habitually disruptive to the community process. If I revoke participation there will be no refund for the classes participated in up to that point.