Cultivate Your Unique Voice with the Support of Your Wise and Well Ancestors

In this online program, we will be collaborating with our wise and well ancestors to bring healing to our creative, intuitive, and physical voices. As the voice is connected to personal truth and the ability to be visible and present in the world as our unique selves, it can impact many aspects of our creative, personal, and professional lives.

Ancestral patterns can contribute significantly to inhibitions of voice. Vows of silence or secrecy, persecution for political or religious views, cultural suppression, and religious prohibitions on intuition and other forms of spirituality are some of the experiences of our ancestors that can become inherited patterns of vocal inhibition. Advocating for the healing of these patterns can free your voice and restore ancestral gifts of creative, intuitive, and vocal expression.

In this program participants will:

  • Foster conscious connection to our True Selves – a guiding principle for embodying authenticity and uniqueness on our life paths.
  • Work with our wise and well ancestors to bring healing to ancestral patterns that create inhibitions to authentic expression of voice.
  • Explore the use of sound to further embody the gifts of our lineages as the living voices of our ancestors.
  • Receive Sound Healing Harmonizations to engage the energy centers that hold keys to authentic vocal expression.
  • Engage with Throat Chakra themes such as: flow and control, self-authority, fear of uniqueness/being different, self-responsibility and over-responsibility, fear of failure, and the ability to speak the truth without blame or judgment.

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to break ancestral patterns of suppression of voice and personal expression.
  • Want better relationships with your physical, creative, and intuitive voices.
  • Feel like there is more to your voice than is being realized and want greater freedom and facility of expression.
  • Experience fear of expressing your voice (creative, intuitive, physical) publicly.
  • Want to own and enjoy being your unique self.

Participants will be introduced to a variety of simple yet effective methods of engaging voice, creativity, and intuition from a place of non-performative and non-judgmental flow.


We will be using the Ancestral Lineage Healing framework developed by Daniel Foor. Participants should have solid contact with the well ancestral collective on at least one of their lineages, preferably with at least one lineage completely well. Those who have not used this method but have made connections with their well ancestors through other means can schedule a consultation session with me to assess whether this workshop will work within the framework you have established. When scheduling, please indicate the consultation is for this workshop.

Participants should have confirmation from their well ancestors that this program would be beneficial for you and the lineage(s) at this time.

For those who haven’t done any ancestral lineage healing I offer this work through private sessions. In many cases making contact with well ancestors can be done within a small number of sessions, but for those who want to attend this workshop I recommend starting ideally three or more months in advance. A list of other practitioners can be found here.

Schedule: TBA

Attendance: Because this program is experiential and approximates a live ritual circle, class size is limited and attendance and engagement is required within reason. Participants are asked to attend whenever possible and miss no more than two days of class in order to foster group coherence. If there are circumstances that would prevent regular attendance please contact Maris with the details.

Classes will use the Zoom conferencing platform, accessible from computers, tablets, or phones. Technology permitting – the didactic portion of classes will be recorded and available for listening (no downloads) for a limited time after each class. Recordings are not guaranteed and are not substitutes for regular attendance. In order to ensure privacy for participants in a ritual setting, ritual processes will not be recorded.

Rate: TBA

I am offering a limited number of reduced rate slots for those in countries with unfavorable exchange rates (if the full rate is financially prohibitive), those from disenfranchised groups, and those experiencing economic hardship. Contact me if you would like to request a reduced rate with a proposal for what that rate would be in USD.

Class Limit: 25

Registration Deadline: Not Taking Registrations at this Time. This program may be cancelled/rescheduled if a registration minimum is not met by this date. The deposit is non-refundable or transferable after this deadline.

The course was terrific for me, overall – awakening and expanding my perception of voice, instigating important healing work with a new family lineage, and polishing tools I had (but hadn’t utilized in some time) for resilience and growth. In the week that followed, I implemented some key takeaways (regarding self-authority, and speaking my personal truths) and observed/felt immediate positive gains. Working with Maris is always a treat. 🙂

As a result of the Healing Voice weekend, I feel more deeply connected to my ancestral lineages, more confident about my voice and my embodiment of it, and more at home and at peace in my body, generally. We were encouraged to integrate these changes, both during and after the course, and I feel as though I will carry them with me going forward.

When the program ended after the second day with the sound transmission, it left me in a state of absolute peace and light like I have never before experienced. The program worked on so many levels: didactic, emotional, energy, ancestral, voice, and song. I have trouble finding the words for its affect on me. I think I am still in a state of co-creation with it.

I felt very safe, supported, great container. It was wonderful to connect with the loving wisdom of my ancestors and feel the deep healing that happened across generations.

During the course, I loved Maris’s pacing, the way she held the space. The directive to sense our own capacity for healing and take breaks as needed was fantastic. I love all the ways that she focused on sovereignty and consent. Participating in the course allowed me to root in and engage with deep healing my ancestors and I sorely needed. The blessings of that healing are still unfolding!

I really enjoyed the sound healing experiences each day–incredible healing and support for each full day of exploration.