ALH – Caitlin

It’s like learning to cook with a professional chef in their kitchen…

ALH – Tara

I found great connection and support from my ancestors – who would have thought it!

ALH – Erin 3

I no longer feel overwhelmed at the notion of being in right relationship to my ancestors.

ALH – Erin 2

Maris listened deeply and pondered before answering. The high quality of her responses was reflective of her thoughtfulness. Her singing is magical. She is a blessing!

ALH – Erin 1

[The facilitators] created a safe, fun-serious, all inclusive, loving, container. They know their ancestral medicine and taught me so much.

ALH – Gary

The energy of the group helped create a powerful and safe container. It was beautifully sacred and very accessible.

ALH – Jennifer 3

I felt seen and cared for in a room full of people, which was such a safe place while exploring with my ancestors.

ALH – Jennifer 2

I feel connected and empowered to do this work. I have gained tools and support to do work that is causing a deep, beautiful shift within me.

ALH – Jennifer 1

I believe that it was [the facilitators’] earnest, authentic leads and responses that demystified the subject so beautifully and opened my heart to traverse inner landscapes of intense healing and shift.

ALH – Rachel 3

When I contemplate being of service now, I feel not a sense of burden and work, but shared joy.