Ancestral Lineage Healing Intensives

Offering mandala from a retreat

Ancestral lineage healing intensives are opportunities to deep-dive into your ancestral work with the support of a strong ritual container. During the intensive, we cover the main steps of Daniel Foor’s ancestral lineage repair process and provide support and facilitation for each participant wherever they are in the process.

These intensives are organized and administrated through Ancestral Medicine, and are currently on hold due to Covid.

For a complete description of these events, and to register, visit this link. For administrative questions, please contact the Ancestral Medicine organization at

I truly appreciate [the facilitators]. They each brought a strong personal presence and quality to the gathering while keeping a dogma-free energy beautifully intact. It was clearly how much hard work and dedication they bring into the work. I felt the time and effort I brought to the gathering was respected and well met. I will certainly and emphatically recommend their work to my acquaintances.

I bow with gratitude and lovingly honor with deep respect our facilitators who created such a safe container for me this past weekend. I felt deeply heard and lovingly cared for during this time along with my ancestors. They took the time to answer questions and address any concerns or issues. They also addressed the importance of self-care which I took to heart.

I loved the way the teachers used vernacular language to relate to the ancestors. Made it possible for me to relate to them, the teachers better. Didn’t have to be so serious all the time. And made the ancestors seem more approachable.

This experience was amazing! I felt such a sense of belonging and respect and caring about my experience! You all three brought something different to the group while all expressing genuine caring for each of us! I truly appreciate that!!

[The facilitators] lead by example without preaching or direct force and hold sacred space in a way that is both accessible and deeply reverential. They made the work powerful and at the same time relaxing, not an easy task when holding space for both beginners like me and people with more experience. I learned a ton from them without active effort. The music they bring adds a very deepening dimension. I am so grateful for their quiet, profound way of being and their leadership.

Our teachers were the perfect guides. Each of us was in a different place. i sensed that each person’s experience was supported and honored by the teachers. I felt no negativity coming from anyone – this is difficult – our teachers allowed the great range of feelings and experiences to come forth, but for each person privately. Our teachers have great skill and immense depth.

For years I have chipped laboriously away at my personal healing work. [Ancestral lineage healing] was exponential in that it helped me access the roots of so much dysfunction. Such a relief that I don’t have to do this work alone, but have compassionate human guidance and tremendously powerful and effortless work done by my well ancestors. I can clearly feel not only how it benefits me directly, but I am also aware of the concentric rings of wellness spreading out around me into the world. I have a sense of groundedness and interconnectedness I have never had before. I can truly feel the joy and meaning now when I say “All my Relations”. When I contemplate being of service now, I feel not a sense of burden and work, but shared joy. I can see why you do this work and am grateful for all your sacrifices in showing up for us.

I believe that it was [the facilitators’] earnest, authentic leads and responses that demystified the subject so beautifully and opened my own heart to traverse inner landscapes of intense healing and shift. I feel connected and empowered to do this work. My original intent coming into this intensive was to come home to myself in a way that I had not been able to prior. I feel like I have gained tools and support to do the work that is causing a deep, beautiful shift within me. I felt seen and cared for in a room full of people, which was such a safe place to reside within while exploring with my ancestors. Much appreciation and thanks to all of them!

I found the great connection and support from my ancestors – who would have thought it!

Our guides were resourced and expert in holding space for the healing processes offered. You can tell they have done their work!

Maris Bergrune and Shannon Willis were both amazing facilitators. They created a safe, fun-serious, all inclusive, loving, container. They know their ancestral medicine and taught me so much. Maris listened deeply and pondered before answering. The high quality of her responses was reflective of her thoughtfulness. Her singing is magical. She is a blessing! I no longer feel overwhelmed at the notion of being in right relationship to my ancestors.

The energy of the group helped create a powerful and safe container. It was beautifully sacred and very accessible. Shannon and Maris held this class with wisdom and humor and clarity. They held all of us powerfully and tenderly in all the places we traveled and all the ancestors we met, the stories we lived with our lineages. With some of us being in different places from others, they kept us together, working together, working alone, in the ancestral lands. The led this story we co-created really beautifully.

It was useful to get through this entire process with skilled and experienced practitioners. It’s like learning to cook with a professional chef in their kitchen vs. learning from a very good cookbook for beginners. I feel better prepared to continue on my own…