Free Virtual Ritual Gatherings: Re-Sourcing During Challenging Times

Gathering to build bridges of resiliency, we become resources of kindness and inspiration, we grow wisdom from the depths and make blood into medicine. Remembering the cycles, listening to the Bone Mother, calling on the holy powers and the ancient ones, letting the Earth rest and be restored, we take a moment out of habitual life. From the silence comes the song.

Check this page for updates before the gathering as instructions may change.

There can be elements of clearing as well as resourcing. We will engage ritually supported prayer, meditation, writing, movement, and sound journeying. Each session can be different as I’m not sticking to a set protocol or process, letting the time be informed by what is showing up for each session. Participants need to be self-responsible and moderate the extent of their participation to meet their current needs and capacities.

Gatherings will be about an hour and 45 minutes. We will be using the Zoom conferencing platform. Install Zoom on your device and use the link you receive in your confirmation and reminder e-mails to access the session. If you join the session late, make sure you stay muted.

Preparation: Have a pen and paper handy, or a computer document if you want to take notes. We may also do some free-writing. Try to be in a relatively quiet and distraction-free environment. It is optional to have a small organic offering present during the ritual time to be blessed and offered to the land.

Schedule: None currently scheduled.

To join, use the button below to sign up and receive the Zoom link. Set your time zone and click the “Set time zone” button. Then select the date of the ritual session on the calendar.

If you find value in these gatherings and want to reciprocate (totally optional) consider helping to spread the word about my work and offerings. Two ways to do that are to sign up for and share my newsletter, and/or “like” me on Facebook and share my posts. If you would like to make a monetary offering my PayPal ID is Also welcome is supportive feedback – if a session has been useful to you feel free to e-mail me and let me know.

A practice I recommend for on-going support – on six pieces of paper (you can cut an 8×11 sheet into sections), write six things that resource you: the wise and well ancestors, nature, the love of your family/friends, your spirit guides, your True Self, meditation, singing, etc. Sit in a chair or on the floor, however you’re comfortable. Get a sense for how you are in the moment. Then one by one put the papers around you. Each time you put one down notice if anything shifts in your sense of how you are. If any agitation happens, make changes to the presence and/or content of the notes. When all six are down, notice if your sense of how you are has shifted relative to how you were before you placed the papers down. You can go back to this circle if you feel you need a boost, or you can place it around a chair you often use for more regular support.