Transformational Mediumship:
The Powers of Change

Starting July 24th

This course is an introduction to the principles of transformational mediumship. Mediumship is the natural ability of personal consciousness to connect and communicate with other forms of consciousness. Transformational mediumship is an embodied and direct experience of consciousness that creates opportunities for personal transformation through expanded awareness, perceptual shifts, resonance, and attunement.

Using the ritual technology of the mediumship “circle”, we will explore connection with only the most compassionate, benevolent, and beneficial aspects of the earth, plant and animal spirits, ancestors, deities, angels, gatekeepers, mythical beings, and conceptual fields. Given the current state of global affairs, we will pay special attention to inquiries about resiliency, sustainability, and change. Participants will learn methods for maintaining boundaries, creating strong ritual containers, moderating the degree and intensity of the connection, and self-care. This approach is one of consensual and conscious connection that preserves personal sovereignty and responsibility.

Prerequisites: Participants need to be in stable and reasonably good mental health, self-responsible, and able to maintain personal boundaries. As mediumship practice impacts the physical body, it is recommended that those with chronic health issues check in intuitively about whether mediumship practice will be supportive of their bodies at this time. Experience with intuitive perception and visioning/journey methods is useful but not required. As the mediumship circle can enhance and amplify intuitive perception, it is a useful tool for intuitive practice and development.

Participants will need to be in a relatively quiet room and be able to remain present and focused during the group mediumship sessions.

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Schedule: The course is two weeks of fundamental material and training followed by five weeks of practice and attunement with different types of spirits. Attendance is required for the first two weeks. Not all of the subsequent weekly gatherings need to be attended, but in the interest of maintaining privacy for participants in a ritual setting we will not be making recordings of these sessions. If I keep this format, those who have taken the Principles of Transformational Mediumship component can sign up for future circle series to practice and explore additional themes.

Principles of Transformational Mediumship

July 24 and 31 from 3:00pm to 6:15pm PST.

Ritual Circle Attunements – The Powers of Change

August 7, 14, 28, September 4, 11
4:00pm – 5:45pm PST


Course limit: 14

Registration Deadline: July 14