Grow in Intuitive Skill and Confidence

This online program is designed to help those newer to intuitive perception gain tools and experiences to help build intuitive skill and confidence. Participants will be guided in a series of practices to cultivate the intuitive facility including:

  • The creation of structure, boundaries, and intentional focus.
  • Ways to increase clarity of perception.
  • Ways to encourage intuitive flow.
  • Management of common unhelpful blocks and pitfalls.

To develop intuitive skill it is useful to have a platform by which to exercise intuitive perception. We will exercise our intuitive faculties through the use of imaginal interfaces by which we co-create with the imaginal realm and through group intuitive circle practice. The imaginal realm is the dimension of reality in which synchronicity happens and from which guidance is received. It is also a place of exchange; when we interface with the imaginal realm vital, more refined energy can enter the physical dimension, building and supporting the more subtle layers of the energy body.

Participants, especially those new to intuitive perception practice, must have a tolerance for discomfort and uncertainty which are a common part of the initial stages of intuitive development. For some, the group intuitive circle practice, which involves giving voice to what you are perceiving, is going to be a growth edge. Developing intuitive confidence can take some time and practice. If your intuitive faculty is not yet strong or clear, you will need to be willing to work with where you are. This course will give you tools and opportunities for practice but developing intuitive clarity is something that happens over time.

For more on my approach to intuition see these articles.

This course is for you if you:

  • Are new to intuitive perception and want to develop that skill.
  • Are not new to intuitive perception but want tools for further developing your practice.
  • Want a platform in which to exercise your intuitive faculty and increase confidence.
  • Want support in the sometimes uncomfortable and insecure initial phase of intuitive development.
  • Want to take the Oracular Mediumship course but feel more guidance and practice will be useful in advance.

Schedule: TBA

Attendance: Because this program is experiential attendance and engagement is required. Classes will use the Zoom conferencing platform, accessible from computers, tablets, or phones. Didactic components of classes will be recorded and available for listening (no downloads) for two weeks after each class.

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Registration Deadline: TBA This program may be cancelled/rescheduled if a registration minimum is not met by this date. Payment is non-refundable or transferable after this date.