Foundational Ritual Skills and Ancestral Healing

This program is for those who wish to begin or continue developing foundational ritual skills: intuitive perception, facility with self-induced altered states of consciousness, altar creation and offering practices, ritual speech, creating ritual templates, boundaries and protection, personal integrity and alignment, and how to be in a respectful relationship with the animistic world.

As these skills are deeply rooted in our ancestries, and yet often diminished through historic changes in cultural orientation, we will be developing ritual skills within the context of ancestral healing and communication with our wise and well ancestors. The healing of ancestral blocks can enhance intuitive skills, fortify boundaries, and provide a natural connection with affinity spirits and animist ritual practices. Through contact with the well ancestors, participants can receive individual guidance for ritual skill development as they learn how their people held these practices and how they may be applied in a meaningful way today.

This program approaches ritual as a lifestyle; something that can be integrated organically into day to day life. We will also explore the creation of structured rituals for more specific purposes, in particular rituals that foster sustainability as one of the primary functions of ritual is alignment with the natural cycles. In October, participants will be creating expanded ancestor altars for Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead.

Included in this program are six live, on-line classes and four private sessions of ancestral lineage healing and ritual skills mentoring. In the private sessions I will guide you in making contact with your wise and well ancestors and engaging the ancestral lineage healing process. The ancestral healing sessions will complement the course material by providing a context in which to develop your ritual skills. Participants will also be given ritual practices to engage between sessions.


This is an on-line, live program. We will be using the Zoom video conferencing platform. Please install this on your computer or device well in advance of the first class. The format of this program is intended to approximate attending an in-person ritual circle. It is interactive and class content is partially driven by participant experience, therefore attending class is required within reason. If there are circumstances that would prevent regular attendance, please let me know in the registration form.

Rate: Three payments of $185. The total rate is for four private sessions and six live classes.

As sessions must be booked within my practice hours, please check my on-line scheduler for available times. I recommend booking all of your appointments in advance. The private sessions are 60-minutes each. All appointments must be completed by the final class. Additional sessions booked within the course dates can be booked at a discounted rate. If you would have trouble booking sessions within my scheduled hours contact me for possible additional times.

There are no refunds for missed classes or private sessions. Private sessions are subject to my regular appointment policy.

Class Limit: 12


Sundays 4:00pm – 6:00pm PST
Class Dates: September 13, 27, October 4, 25, November 8, 15

Recommended Reading: Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing by Daniel Foor


The registration deadline is September 6th. If there are still openings after this date, registration will be extended.

To begin the registration process, follow the link below to the registration page.

I approached this work with some shyness. I have a devout spiritual side, but have been reluctant to believe that I have any way, personally, of connecting with spirit, other than through prayer and reverence. Maris’s approach is very down-to-earth, practical and encouraging. I feel much more comfortable and confident that I am capable of tuning into my spiritual guides, and in having a two-way conversation with them. My work with my ancestral lines took a big step forward in this class. I feel more comfortable and confident, even playful in my interactions with them. It is hard to articulate the change I feel in myself after this class, but it feels like I have gained a deep confidence that was missing before in my spiritual life.

Foundational Ritual Skills and Ancestral Healing was such a profound experience. Maris is a beautiful soul and teacher, offering space to explore our relationship with ritual and our ancestors. She teaches these skills with such honor, providing personal experiences and simplifying complex practices to meet each participant with grace. As many forms of resistance showed up for me during this program, she guided me to better understand these shadows through connection with my well ancestors. My work with ritual has forever expanded and opened up a new form of connection. I’m forever grateful for Maris, the support from our class circle, and my ancestors.

[This course] introduced ritual in a way that “made sense”, and that I could follow and practice. The experiential part was very useful in terms of strengthening and deepening, and making more playful my sense of connection with my well ones.

Thank you so much!! this was such a wonderful program and experience. I actually connect much more frequently now with my ancestors.

The live aspect of it was wonderful, offering support as a sacred circle between the participants. The 1:1 sessions were very important and beneficial, so this was an additional perk for taking this course. I loved the fluency of the program‘s structure, offering reflections from the participants – lecture – and having an exercise at the end that relates to the content. I found that helped a lot as I am a hands-on learner. Offering approval for us to email [Maris] and ask questions was amazing! I am a slow processor after work as been done, so it was wonderful to know I had that support from [Maris] beyond our sessions or the class.