Testimonials from prior foundational classes:

“I truly enjoyed being in Circle this year.  Each of the members of the Circle was so different, and so very right to be there.  Each time one member had something to come up, it was what the Circle as a whole needed to work on.  At the beginning of the year, this wasn’t so apparent.  By the end of our time together, whenever someone brought up an issue, I “leaned into it”, knowing that with Melissa’s wise and deep presence and her spiritual guidance, what we did in circle would be something that “accidentally” was the perfect exercise for what was happening in all our lives.

To me, this year’s Medicine Circle demonstrated one truth I know, that together we create that which is much more than what each could create separately.

The work in Circle, and the work in other pathways in my spirit’s journey this year, have combined to bring me a year of major growth, change, and delight.  I am incredibly and humbly grateful to Melissa, and the Circle, for the support and impetus in this hugely significant year.

My two favorite specific things we did, aside from the journeying and practicing intuition with each other, were the Soul Retrieval and the treasure map collage exercise.  I can clearly see now how those two events set up a whole chain of steady and inevitable minor steps, leading me to the great awakenings in my path this year.”

“I have really enjoyed Melissa’s class this year!  I learned about calling in spirit guides and ancestors for support, practiced tapping into my intuition in various exercises, and participated in a sweat lodge ceremony.  I have to say that I have experienced a lot of personal growth over the past year.”

“Melissa’s class has been extraordinary in ways that I could not imagine when I first began.  The biggest pluses for me have been the wisdom about another approach to life and healing, as well as the community that has been created.”
excerpts used anonymously with permission


Testimonials from the 2015 Women of Wisdom Presentation and High Seat:

In response to what were the strengths of the workshop: “The knowledge, love, and caring of the presenter and the Volvas.”

“This was a tremendously moving experience.  These women are very skillful and powerful, and you should have them back.”

“Powerful work – an example of the magical oracular work that is re-emerging.”

“It was a sacred, magical, and powerful space.  I loved this!”

“I love getting this information.  I had no idea we have these traditions in my ancestry.  I’m so grateful for this knowledge and feel so enriched!  Thank you for your service!”

“Extremely well organized/crafted.”

“Wow – so powerful. Every woman should be here.”