Sounding and Singing with the Wise and Well Ancestors

Prerequisite: At least one lineage fully well through Daniel Foor’s Ancestral Lineage Healing method

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In this live on-line course we will explore the use of sound and song to connect with and further embody the blessings of the wise and well ancestors. We will also explore “voice” in the broader sense of personal expression and presence in the world.

Course content will include the following:

  • Shifting energy with sound
  • Free-form sound v. structured singing
  • Integrating sound and silence
  • Sound as creative facilitation
  • Songs in ancestral languages
  • Integrating your voice and the voice of your ancestors
  • Transmitting a blessing field using sound
  • Addressing ancestral blocks to using your voice
  • “Voice” as an expression of personal alignment and integrity

The techniques I will be sharing with you do not require musical skill, and I encourage those who are hesitant about using their voice to attend. The “voice” as a metaphor for self-expression covers a lot of territory and can be tender ground. Although I am a singer now it has taken me years to get comfortable using my voice in public. I know what it is like to have major “voice” blockage and how much courage it can take to move through it. The space I hold for people’s voices encourages patience and self-compassion. Participants can opt at times to have their voices witnessed by the group, but that is entirely optional and otherwise the processes will be private.

I highly recommend Awilda Verdejo of The Compleat Voice for those who wish to develop formal vocal technique.


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On-line using Zoom Conferencing platform: This is a live, experiential program. Classes will be recorded but recordings are not guaranteed and should not be used as a substitute for regular attendance. This program is designed to approximate the meeting of a live ritual circle. Participants will be expected to make good-faith efforts to attend the live classes.